Why Talent Sourcers Are Needed Now More Than Ever!

At A-Players Recruiting where I work; a talent sourcer is a key contributor to the hiring process who is directly involved in the search. They treat sourcing as seriously as recruiting and get the best results by combining these two positions on the team.

Talent acquisition is at the top of the recruiting hurdles that companies of all sizes are facing. And most companies are coming up with new perks to attract vacant talent. Flexible schedule, healthcare, wellness program, insurance, stock options, child care assistance — the list of employee perks becomes endless. But does it really help to attract the best candidates with fewer efforts? Practically, it is wiser to have ongoing relationships with the best performers and catch them right before they leave their jobs.

Read the full article on SourceCon: https://www.sourcecon.com/why-talent-sourcers-are-needed-now-more-than-ever/



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